My Top 10 artists list changes quite often. Every time you talk to me, there‘s probably a new member in the list. Even with all the switches, the number one spot has always been taken by James Taylor.

While his Greatest Hits compilation contains a lot of his classics, they missed some of his best songs. So, to keep track of his many perfect songs, I put together a list of My Top 10 James Taylor Songs.

10. Sarah Maria

This song is not talked about enough. I can say this about the songs on the list, but the guitar work is a masterpiece. I love how he keeps the chorus nice and short as well, leaving more time for the guitar.

9. Anywhere Like Heaven

Whenever I hear this song, time seems to speed up. Three minutes and thirty seconds turns into a minute when you listen to this song. One of many classic songs in the Sweet Baby James album.

8. Fire and Rain

As James Taylor’s biggest song, it should have big expectations, but it still never disappoints. Adds yet another great song to the Sweet Baby James album as well.

7. You’ve Got a Friend

The soft melody and reassuring lyrics mix together for a perfect song. This song is also great for “when you’re down and troubled and you need a helping hand.”

6. Riding On a Railroad

There are so many good moments in this song. The one most needed to be mentioned is when he sings, “There’s a man up here. He claims to have his hands upon the reins. There are chains upon his hands and he’s riding upon a train.”

5. Something In the Way She Moves (1976 Version)

Although I like the original and faster version of this song in the album James Taylor, this song is meant for the soft and slower sound. It puts me to sleep every time. In a good way.

4. Carolina In My Mind (1976 Version)

The beginning of this song puts memories in my head when I listen to it. The mix of instruments creates the tune of a perfect song.

3. Sweet Baby James

In this song, James Taylor adds a touch of his style to a storytelling country song. It’s a lullaby for anytime of day that can put you in a good mood. It’s also a great song for the title of his best album.

2. You Can Close Your Eyes

I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I hear this song. This song always reminds me of my Dad, as it’s his favorite. Without him, I wouldn’t know who James Taylor was. Thank you Dad, for introducing me to the greatest artist of all time.

1. Wandering

I can’t get enough of this song. The lyrics tells an amazing story, but it’s so hard to focus on it because every time I listen, I snap out of life and enter my brain. That’s what this song can do to you. My favorite moment in this song is the following lyrics:

“Been in the army, I worked on a farm, and all I’ve got to show is the muscle in my arm.”

My Top 10 James Taylor Songs